• Caja Rural de Soria

    Being who we are

    Being who we are

The Caja Rural de Soria is a credit union set up in the province of Soria that is characterised by the customised service it provides to its members and customers and its commitment to redistributing its profits in the society in which it operates.

True to our purpose, at the Soria Rural Savings Bank we strive constantly for excellence, a goal which is shared by all those who make up our organisation, whatever their duties or position. Through hard work and by constantly searching for new pathways along which to advance, little by little, day by day, we lay the groundwork for a process of continuous improvement which is the principal hallmark of our identity.

Since our working philosophy holds that success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction, at the Soria Rural Savings Bank we adhere to a strict policy of honesty and transparency, while at the same time making a concerted effort to offer the products and conditions best suited to each individual circumstance. We strive at all times to offer a personal, accessible service through both our extensive network of local branches and our Mobile Banking Department, which ensures that even the smallest villages have access to financial services. At the Soria Rural Savings Bank, we have worked hard to establish a relationship with our customers based on mutual trust.

We are completely transparent, not only with customers, but also with society in general, adhering to a communications policy that values clarity and accessibility above all else, through our recently established website.

The Caja Rural de Soria has always been a symbol of honesty and steadfastness, but also of commitment to innovation and, above all, effort and hard work to ensure the satisfaction of all those around us, be they customers, members or employees.