• Caja Rural de Soria

    Our Structure

    Our Structure

The Soria Rural Savings Bank is governed by the following corporate and management bodies: the General Assembly, the Governing Board, the Executive Board and the General Management Board.

  • General Assembly: made up of delegates elected by our members. It is the highest authority and the body which expresses our corporate will. The General Assembly meets once a year, within six months of the close of the previous financial year, to examine the management decisions made and approve (where appropriate) the annual accounts. The Assembly also discusses how to distribute any surplus and sets the general policy for the organisation.

  • Governing Board: the body responsible for the governing and administration of the organisation, as well as for its corporate representation. It is the representative body for governing and management. It meets once a month.

  • Executive Board: some of the functions and powers of the Governing Board are delegated to the Executive Board. It meets every week and is made up of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and two voting members.

  • Management Committee: the General Management Board and the Management Committee are responsible for the executive functions of the Soria Rural Savings Bank. The Managing Director's task is to plan, organise and direct the adequate development of the different areas of the Savings Bank. He or she also provides ongoing advice and counsel to the Governing Board, which is responsible for setting the Savings Bank's general strategy and principal objectives.